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Archive for December, 2009

  • Trim Google Search URL – Now with Added Hash!

    As more and more people are getting the hash variation of the Google results URL here’s another update to the original Bookmarklet To Trim Google Search URL to also handle the “#” variation of Google results.

  • Links On Page Bookmarklet pt. ii

    After I wrote the Google Results Bookmarklet some feedback form Marty Lamers led me to revise my previous Onpage Links Bookmarklet to also include the text boxes that make it easy to grab the links. I’ve updated the styling to highlight the nofollow links, and to “stripe” the output to make it easier to read. […]

  • Google Results Bookmarklet

    The following bookmarklet will display the google results for a term in a format that’s easier for copying. Just drag the following link in the big green box to your bookmark bar and when you’ve completed a search in Google it will open a new window with the results listed with position, URL and anchor […]