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  • Building a $100 a Day Automatic Income Generating Website

    I see over the Internet many Multi Level Marketing / Network Marketing schemes or how-to-spam adsense Q&As aiming to make a $100 a day from a website. The goal is automatic income generation. It feeds into most people’s innate laziness, occasional stupidity and most disgustingly (from the sellers) the buyers’ desperation. The hawkers of the […]

  • 15 Minute Guide to Search Engine Optimisation

    1. Why optimise your site? #1 gets 42% of clicks, #2 get 12%, #3 8% What difference would being number one make to your business? If only it was that simple: advertising indented listings "one box" "ten pack" maps images video and other stuff! Combine to complicate rankings and reduce CTR. 2. The simplest search […]