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Aaron Wall who runs SEO Book recently announced he was going to increase the price from $100 to $150 a month for the private SEO forum.

Those that register before August 2009 will keep the $100 month rate so if you’ve been considering joining do so now!

The membership includes use of the forum, access to members only tools and a complete SEO training modules covering everything from on-page, link building to PPC and much more.

I’ve been a full paying member since day one back in November 2007. It’s actually been the best $2000 I’ve ever spent on SEO, SEM, Social Media and general business information.

The other thing I would add is the nature of the forum – being a begin dictatorship – and I mean that in the best possible way. Aaron spends an incredible amount of time on the site, so far contributing over 14 thousand posts. However, this isn’t a self appointed SEO rock star preaching to the converted. There’s significant and vital material from a host of moderators and members. No fan-boys here either, some are well known SEOs in their own right, other’s are business experts or link builders. All have very meaningful online success in difficult niches. These personalties combine to produce quite frankly a vital resource to all serious online businesses.

Frankly at $150 a month it’s still a steal and if you apply half of what you learn and are advised by the community then you’ll make that back many fold.

Click here to join the community.

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2 thoughts on “SEO Book SEO Community Forums”

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Liam.
    Membership in the SEOBook community has made a big impact on my daily approach in a “broad-stroke” kind of way, and I have also used the experts in there to solve very specific issues with websites I maintain. Getting help from some of those folks more than pays for the monthly subscription – they have helped me save thousands in lost revenues. I have lately been suggesting this membership to my own SEO clients as the cheapest means to maintain a competitive edge in self-sustained SEO – in my opinion, at $150 a month, this offers the best ROI for a spend on SEO, period. It’s cheaper than hiring an SEO to do anything at all, and instead, you get a whole pile of experts ready to dive in.
    See you in the forums!

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