Links On Page Bookmarklet

Given the recent announcement by Google to take a more nuanced approach to Nofollow links with new attributes of “ugc” for User Generated Content and “sponsored” for compensated links I’ve updated some of our bookmarklets.

Earlier this week I released a new version of the colour links bookmarklet and now have completed the upgrade of the Links On Page bookmarklet to version 2.6.

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Highlight Links Bookmarklet

Given Google’s recent announcement (Evolving “nofollow” – new ways to identify the nature of links), I’m updating a few of my bookmarklets to handle the new sponsored and UGC attributes.

This first bookmarklet is used to highlight links on a page, colouring the nofollow ones pink. Now we also colour those marked “sponsored” or “ugc”. There are subtle colour changes between the three, but they’re all shades of pink. The rest of the links are green.

You’ll find the updated highlight links bookmarklet here.

See also the support pages for more information on sponsored, UGC, and nofollow:
Qualify your outbound links to Google

ContentKing’s “Ultimate Robots.txt Guide”

The always excellent ContentKing have published another of their in-depth articles.

The post, The Ultimate Robots.txt Guide to Improve Crawl Efficiency, features contributions from:

A robots.txt file is one of those tiny little elements of technical SEO that many sites get wrong. Bookmark that article and save yourself from some avoidable headaches.

Points of Failure

So many sites let themselves down over simple matters where they force the user to jump through hoops.

I’ve just booked a train journey, something that is difficult in and of itself as rather than have one central booking system for National Rail each time you purchase you’re taken to the local train company and have to learn their checkout system, complete their unique registration process and finally, hopefully, checkout.
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Customer Lifetime Value – Your Business’s Most Important Statistic

Customer Lifetime Value

The lifetime value of a customer is perhaps the most important item of data you can collect about your business. It is in clear monetary terms how much each customer is worth to your business.

With it you are able to decide how much to spend on all advertising, customer acquisition and customer retention.

Without the customer lifetime value you are at the mercy of the profit margin on the average order value which for most companies will be significantly less and complicated to calculate.
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TitleWave Book & Post Title Generator

Shelley Hitz
Shelley Hitz

I recently had the great pleasure of working with Shelley Hitz of Author Audience Academy to create a book title idea generator called TitleWave.

At her site, Shelley offers a training course and community site for inspiring authors to get their book written and published within 30 days.

She had seen my previous Title Generator for TweakYourBiz. I’d based that upon my own Topical Brainstorm tool.

Shelley wanted a new web-app more focused for her audience that would generate book title ideas and such like based upon multiple inputs rather than just one keyword I’d done prevously. This would allow her to create more complex and richer titles and subtitles for her clients. We also needed the ability to upload new templates so she can continue to easily add seasonal ideas.

TitleWave Desktop

We were also mindful of the needs of a modern audience so we developed the tool using the Bootstrap framework, this allowed us to create a tool that would work well on mobile and tablet in addition to the desktop.

Shelley has published over 35 books using her ASCENT method, so if you’re an aspiring non-fiction author, head over to her site to see how she can help you publish your book.