GoCompare Ranking for their Brand Name Again

As a follow up to GoCompare No Longer Ranking for their Brand Name I decided to have a quick look at the SERPs and see that GoCompare rank #1 again in Google.co.uk for their brand.

When looking at some of the terms they target they’ve improved a little, but are still ranking badly.

Term April 24th May 3rd 0
Insurance 71 65 6
Home insurance 55 49 6
Car insurance 59 24 35
Home content insurance 67 73 -6
Breakdown cover 69 42 27
Home contents insurance 71 72 -1
Business insurance 71 59 12
Life insurance Not in top 100 Not in top 100 N/A
Travel insurance Not in top 100 Not in top 100 N/A
Health insurance Not in top 100 Not in top 100 N/A

I think the reason Google now rank GoCompare for their own name is to give users what they want. If a searcher performs a navigational search on Google for GoComapre, Google themselves look silly for not ranking the company for their own brand name.

We can see GoCompare are still effectively nowhere for any of the terms they need to rank for and are buying aggressive placements with PPC advertising, usually getting one of the top spots above the organic SERPs.

I think the slight in crease in their ranking, previously they averaged 66 now they average 55, shows they are continuing to build link.