Introducting Online Sales Webmaster Tools

Online Sales Webmaster Tools

Over the many years I’ve been developing websites and working in Search Engine Optimisation I’ve developed a number of scripts, tools and bookmarklets.

Inspired by Small business advice from Jason Fried 37signals, then reading Getting Real and with a pricing structure influenced by
Pinboard I decided to release the Online Sales Webmaster Tools as monthly paid subscription.

I’ve already got more than 50 tools and bookmarklets in the offering and I have many more to publish. The price increases with each new subscriber so it pays to get in early.

These tools are forged in the “less is more” mold, so if you find you outgrow them and need more, consider the SEObook Community & Tools or Raven SEO.

In the meantime, the Online Sales Tools will do pretty much all you need as a webmaster at a low monthly cost. Note that the annual fee is less than the cost it would take to pay a programmer to develop just one or two of these tools.

Get your subscription here: Online Sales Webmaster Tools