Selecting The Best Performing Ad Variations

This should be used alongside Selecting the winning ad variation.

Enter up to four Ad Variations here to calculate the version with the best return either for a fixed budget or per day.

With a fixed budget you may find that the advert that provides the best return per dollar may in fact be beaten if you remove budget limitations and spend to maximise gross income.

The opportunity costs / values are an indicator of what the best performing ad CTR and Conversion Rate would produce and also what the best advert from the fixed budget would be if the restrictions were removed.

  Ad Variation 1 Ad Variation 2 Ad Variation 3 Ad Variation 4
Searches Per Day
(Leave Blank to add the impressions from all ad variations)
Average Sale
Click Through Rate
Conversion Rate
Cost Per Click
Cost Per Conversion
Fixed Spend – Calculate the best return for a set budget
Clicks for Given Spend
Conversions for Given Spend
Gross for Given Spend
Net for Given Spend
Impressions Required for Given Spend
Days for Spend/Impressions
Opportunity Costs – With a set budget best variation may not provide the best return if the budget limitation was removed.
Opportunity Value
Per Day
Clicks Per Day
Net Daily Return On Investment