Trim Google Search URL – Now with Added Hash!

As more and more people are getting the hash variation of the Google results URL here’s another update to the original Bookmarklet To Trim Google Search URL to also handle the “#” variation of Google results.

Trim Google URL

The following version also adds pws=0 to turn to personalied search and num=100 to display 100 results at once:

100 PWS

At the suggestion of Martin Bromley of Smart Landing I also made a version that rather than just simplfy the URL with the hash it replaces the hash with the old style “/search?” URL.

Wait there’s more! It also doesn’t open a new window with the results this time, but creates a textarea box on the actual Google results page. It also adds the pws=0 and num=100 to the URL to get 100 unpersonalised results. This lets you copy the cleaned up Google URL in the old style – this is useful for instance in the AdWords keyword tool which doesn’t like the hash version of the search URL.

The textarea box will generally appear above the search box near the top of the page, but it does depend on the version of Google you are using.

G’URL to Search

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