Web Development Ennui is the SEO Kiss of Death

Many sites are examples of the endemic difficulty that faces most internet entrepreneurs and small businesses. A lack of focus on making the site or business remarkable.

Even now, with the web being even-my-mum-makes-money-on-it popular for much of the last decade there is still so much opportunity. However with that popularity comes the feeling that like the land run the opportunity will soon pass. As such the web pioneer may forge ahead into new territories grabbing as much land as possible, but hasn’t yet fully developed the properties already picked out.

The truth is, ten years ago people thought it was too late to get involved, that circumstances had changed and all the good ideas had been done; the same was said five years ago, three years ago and in years to come people will look back to the time we are in now and regard it as a golden period full of promises and easy fortunes.

With this in mind, what many do – and this is indeed a failing that I’ve suffered with more than most – is spread themselves far too thinly.

This means that lots of ideas are explored and many sites are started but nothing really makes it big.

The solution however is simple:

  1. Pick one business or site to concentrate on.
  2. Get the website to a level that you are happy with.
  3. Start to promote it by asking for feedback, links and engaging with others
  4. Then improve it further making it increasingly remarkable.
  5. Promote it heavily.
  6. Go to 4.

Making a site or business remarkable is the key to success. Being remarkable brings discussion, comments, awareness, branding and links. Links are the lifeblood of any online business.

Aiming for remarkable takes you above the mundane and ordinary. Shot for the stars to hit the moon.

Envisage the remarkable and map the site’s growth and development towards that. The opposite approach, starting from a blank page, and adding known and comfortable technology & design will get you a comfortable and ordinary business.

4 thoughts on “Web Development Ennui is the SEO Kiss of Death

  1. Liam this is truly the way to success.

    I agree with you that there is still infinite opportunity for those people who are gifted and in it for the long haul.

    The carpetbaggers’ days may be soon over though. I won’t miss that.

    Your six step is perfect.

  2. It will be interesting to see whats new at this years online marketing show. I’m sure there will be many new people coming into the market with new ideas, and your right others will look back at their ideas and say today was a goldern age.

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