Google Basic Image Search Bookmarklet

  1. Drag the two bookmarklet to your toolbar.
  2. To use select some text on the page then hit the bookmarklet.

Basic Image Search

Localised Searches

More interesting however is to create a bookmarklet that is using the localised version of Google for the country that best represents the language you are learning.

For English you might perfer United Kingdom over United States, or instead want Australia... for French perhaps Canada instead of France, etc etc...

  • Firstly, select the best Country for your intented image search.
  • Then hit 'Create Bookmarklet', and drag that bookmarklet (the new green button) to your toolbar.

For more information on the use and background of this bookmarklet, please see Setting up Google Images for language learning on Fluent Forever. You'll also probably enjoy my Google Translaate Bookmarklet.

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