OnlineSales Tools Terms & Conditions

Billing is once a month, one every six months or once a year depending on your plan.

There is no contract between us and you may leave at any point.

We don't hold your data to ransom. If you leave and need the data, we'll export it for you, no charge.

If you're unhappy with the service such as you don't find the tools useful, I'll refund the month's subscriprion or the unused portion of longer subscriptions.

There is no warranty expressed or implied for accuracy, accessibility or reliability of the tools or services.

Use this site, the tools, our services at your own risk.

Use information and advice provided by us at your own risk.

I reserve the right to publish a public list of anyone that is an arse!

Services may be withdrawn at any point without notice, customers will recieve refunds of the unused portion of the subscription.

Fair Usage

No sharing of logins. No multiple logons. No running automated queries against our service.

Registered customers can apply for more users at a discount.