Dog Digital

I have been using Liam's tools now for a month and can't believe the amount of time they have saved me so far!

By helping automate repetitive tasks, I can spend more time analyzing results and actually doing real work rather than doing the same things over and over. If you value your time, want to work more efficiently for yourself or for your clients, I can't recommend these tools enough.

The tools and bookmarklets are lightweight and simple to use. Liam is also on hand to discuss the tools and I'm sure he has many more interesting ones in the pipeline.

Euan Blair
DogDigital.co.uk - Digital Communications.

Articulayers.com - Where Words Work

I find it easy to highly recommend the insanely cheap membership required to use these time-saving tools. In the years I have known Liam, he has helped my SEO work countless times. We might discuss an issue I am facing and Liam disappears for a few hours, only to return with a tool or bookmarklet he created to help me deal with it. Liam is able to isolate the smallest parts of common tasks, and he figures out how to build a tool to speed it up considerably.

The key to me, is utility: these little tools he creates might be outwardly simple, but they are always meant to help facilitate a very specific task in SEO/code/webwork. Time is among the most precious commodities to most SEOs, and Liam's toolset will help you find clever little ways to optimize that time.

SEO is rarely about the big things - it is much more about the small, routine things you must do every day (or every hour) to remain competitive. These tools, and Liam's experienced support will help you to better perform many of these tasks. Better still, if you see a gap in here, just tell Liam - something tells me he's likely to already be working on a solution! I'll see you on the inside...

Marty Lamers
Articulayers.com - Where Words Work.