Google SERPS Bookmarklet

Quickly and easily get the listings of a result set from Google.

While the on page links bookmarklet is great for extracing all the links that are on a page, it doesn't work so well for the SERPs results as there are many internal links on the page.

This bookmarklet has been written to extract the results from the Google SERPs. It specifically looks for certain attributes to gather the results. If Google change the formating, the bookmarklet may break. The bookmarklet's results contain a link back to this page so you can always easily get the latest version, currently, 3.6. Updated 2020-10-06.

Drag this bookmarklet button to your bookmarks toolbar.

SERPs '20

Code © Liam Delahunty 2020. Don't steal my code, just link to this verion. Cheers!

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