On page Links Bookmarklet

The Onpage Links bookmarklet by Online Sales displays the links from any given page.

This version is old! - Please use On Page Links Bookmarklet 2.6.

Update: 2016-07-27 - Display the meta robots content. If it contains nofollow then highlight all links as nofollow and count accordingly.

Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar:

Links On-Page

How To Use the Links Bookmarklet

Visit a page and click the bookmarklet. The browser will open a new tab or window and display all the links as shown in the screen grab below.

On that page there is additional output in textarea boxes that makes it easier to copy and paste the data into a spreadsheet or document.

Why the Links On-Page is Useful

How to Use this Data for SEO

Future Development

I may add a section that allows for a CSV download. This isn't possible with regular

Once installed and run on a page, you'll see results like so:

Onpage Links Bookmarklet

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This page doesn't work for testing, so try this page with nofollow robots, and this page without.

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