Fee Structure

I enjoy working with people who have a healthy respect the field of Search Engine Optimisation, for my time & the work that I do.

As such my fee structure is unusual.

  • I charge £100 per hour for my work, if I enjoy working with you.
  • If I don’t enjoy the work, I’ll charge £250 per hour.

At £100 you are getting an absolute bargain that you should snatch my hand off to get! At £250 you are still getting a great deal as each hour of work will provide analysis that will unlock thousands more in revenue for my clients.

Things that will make me not enjoy working with a client are:

  • Out of hour phone calls and urgent emails that aren’t.
  • Having to explain things several times.
  • Not being paid in a timely manner. (I charge 50% interest if I haven’t been paid on an invoice in seven days).
  • Not having my recommendations implemented without good explanation.
  • Being limited technically by an inept team.
  • The client supporting Chelsea or not having a sense of humour.

That’s a little tongue in cheek, but you get the idea.

I honestly love what I do, but when I’m put in a position where I don’t love it, I will get paid more and therefore love it again. So we both win!

Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

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