Links On Page Bookmarklet

Given the recent announcement by Google to take a more nuanced approach to Nofollow links with new attributes of “ugc” for User Generated Content and “sponsored” for compensated links I’ve updated some of our bookmarklets.

Earlier this week I released a new version of the colour links bookmarklet and now have completed the upgrade of the Links On Page bookmarklet to version 2.6.

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ContentKing’s “Ultimate Robots.txt Guide”

The always excellent ContentKing have published another of their in-depth articles.

The post, The Ultimate Robots.txt Guide to Improve Crawl Efficiency, features contributions from:

A robots.txt file is one of those tiny little elements of technical SEO that many sites get wrong. Bookmark that article and save yourself from some avoidable headaches.

How Long Till the Death of Organic SERPs?

Inc. magazine have just reported on How Google Is Killing Organic Search.

That lead me to the excellent graphic by Wordstream, Google Ads and the War on Free Click. Like many infographics it’s too wide to reproduce comfortably here but it is worth looking through.

The war on organic search has been going on a while, and it’s going to get worse for small business.

  • The agressive placement of ads on above content on a search itself
  • Colour of the background of ads to look the same as the content for most screen types – on a LCD screen it’s often nearly impossible to see the pink / orange background of the adverts unless you adjust the screen angle
  • The cannibalisation of the SERPs to promote their own properties
  • Removal of search data from referrals so sites need to purchase more adwords
  • No customer service for organic problems
  • Apparently arbitrary bans, filters and penalties with no debate or warning
  • Promotion of “big brand” over niche in Organic leading to greater adword bidding by niche sites

How long will it be until there aren’t any organic results on the first page?

Google Reaction to Accidentally Expired Domain

Well, it wasn’t much of an accident. I took a domain that was several years old, and a PR3, but I hadn’t done much with it for months. The domain was to expire on 19th of January 2011. I let it. A few days later the site stopped resolving and was replaced by a parked page.

On the 28th of February I was sent the message that the domain was to be deleted that day. I still waited and on the 1st of March I renewed the domain.

As of the 3rd of March Google reported the domain as grey PR (using the SEO Book toolbar) and no cache date. Searching for the domain name (which is a unique phrase) and my domain wasn’t returned.

Now it’s the end of the month, and I’ve searched again. The domain is returned as the second result and the Page Rank now appears as PR1 with a cache date of 3 weeks ago.

The domain remained a PR3 after the January Google Page Rank update so the drop unfortunate and looks like it was recalculated after the expiry. As regards the cache, as the domain still gets no content love from me so the date is reasonable.

Web Strategies for Small Businesses eBook

Web Strategies for Small Businesses

I was absolutely delighted to be included in a fantastic free eBook “Web Strategies for Small Businesses“. The book is a compilation of small business tips focusing on multiple Internet strategies. I provided the “Building Web Success – Optimizing Online Conversions”, but there’s good stuff there too!

  • Getting Ahead on the Web – Strategies To Make More Of Your Time Online, featuring comments from Aaron Wall of SEO book.
  • Understanding the Basics of Local Search – Optimizing Your Local Business Listings with Vedran Tomic.
  • Should My Business be More Social Online? – The Role of Social Media in Your Small Business – Aaron Wall
  • Visual Communication through Web Design – Strategy and Psychology of Web Design with Melvin Ram from Web Design Company Net.
  • Strategic Linking for Success – 3 Things to Know About Linking from Debra Mastaler of Alliance-Link.
  • Drive Net-New Sales Revenue – Don’t Overlook Paid Search Marketing by Geordie Carswell from PPC Blog.

The eBook is free for download to visitors of, a leading merchant cash advance provider in the United States.

How to Screw Up the Launch of a Multi-Million Dollar Web Property

To great fanfare and presumably at great cost Google launched, their potential rival to eBay, or as they put it: is a personalized shopping experience, brought to you by Google, that lets you find and discover fashion goods through a collection of boutiques curated by taste-makers — celebrities, stylists, designers, and fashion bloggers. Boutiques uses visual technology to help fashionistas discover and shop their look and creates the opportunity for designers to showcase their collections and latest inspirations online

Firstly I noticed that despite getting top fashion bloggers on board to develop shops, they don’t have the good grace to follow the links out to them. Over here with Karla of Karlas Closet shop, you’ll notice that the link to is nofollow. Surely if Google have recruited someone to create a shop they must trust them? The great and the good Google can’t be hoarding page rank can they?

karlas closet nofollow link
Click to see code.

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Secure URL in SERPs

On site SEO can still make a massive difference. I was recently building out a Stocking Fillers website, and in my research I noticed that a site went from number ten in the serps one day, to number one the next.

The difference seemed to be that they previously had the https version indexed.

The reason for their increase in ranking could be:

  1. They are no longer splitting the page rank / link equity to two versions of the URL.
  2. The https is slower to load and if Google are indexing that, it can impact the rankings.

Building a $100 a Day Automatic Income Generating Website

I see over the Internet many Multi Level Marketing / Network Marketing schemes or how-to-spam adsense Q&As aiming to make a $100 a day from a website. The goal is automatic income generation. It feeds into most people’s innate laziness, occasional stupidity and most disgustingly (from the sellers) the buyers’ desperation.

The hawkers of the products promise something for nothing. To just flick a switch to massive wealth from passive incomes. Get rich whilst watching the Superbowl!

It’s all horseshit.
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15 Minute Guide to Search Engine Optimisation