Building a $100 a Day Automatic Income Generating Website

I see over the Internet many Multi Level Marketing / Network Marketing schemes or how-to-spam adsense Q&As aiming to make a $100 a day from a website. The goal is automatic income generation. It feeds into most people’s innate laziness, occasional stupidity and most disgustingly (from the sellers) the buyers’ desperation.

The hawkers of the products promise something for nothing. To just flick a switch to massive wealth from passive incomes. Get rich whilst watching the Superbowl!

It’s all horseshit.

The schemes I see are spammy in their very nature, they are promoted in hyped up ways and often rely on techniques from the black hat world. They loudly proclaim their use of Facebook, Stumbleupon, Twitter and other social media websites. Using their billions of visitors to make it seem possible that thousands will flock to your site – if you buy the right tools and build the right network.

They’ll suggest squidoo hubs, hubpages, blogger, and much more to interlink your pages in all sorts of convoluted and useless approaches to link building.

Somehow the creating the masses of content is easy and instant. Sometimes it actually is with tools that pull in feeds and blend them into sites with video content, news articles and perhaps even a space for you to add a few words of your own.

The Video Frontier

Other techniques encourage the next wave of the Internet. The “gurus” encourage making videos and uploading them with yet another low price high impact tool to upload the movies to hundreds of video sites. Naturally all web 2.0 entrepreneurs have good camera technique, is interesting to watch and listen to, and more importantly has something worthwhile to say with an unique vision and voice.

“Entrepreneurs”! That in itself is a lie. Sitting on your arse and following instruction from the latest “Great White Hope” guru hardly makes you an entrepreneur. Making $100 a month whilst spending $500 keeping up with the ebook-info-whores is hardly good business.

One thing to ask is why do people share these tools and ideas? Why would they really make it easy for you to take the bread off their table? For $97, $77$ – no just $57 if you act now. Offer not to be repeated, spaces limited.

They offer it because it no longer works. It probably worked briefly. And in creating their new take on old idea they probably wrote everything down knowing precisely that in a month or two everything would go pair shaped, but then they’d have an e-book to sell showing their success.

It’s still all horseshit.

In advertising systems that are currently working they are inviting Google to kill them. Painting a massive target on the back of everyone that uses it.

If I were to publicise a system that I used to generate thousands in revenue quickly and easily Google wouldn’t want the system to last. Why? Because quick and easy normally equals spam. Furthermore, inevitably a technique will be taken by some individuals who will ramp it up to extreme degrees. Instead of building one site with a few dozen pages and be content with a hundred extra bucks a month they’ll build hundreds or thousands of sites with tens of thousands of pages. A technique that worked in low levels is now making massive footprints. If these low level quality pages are ranking, you make Google look stupid. A wise business decision from any want-to-be entrepreneur is not to make Google look stupid.

But the aim is not a lie. I can make $100 a day and it is easy. It’s easy because I put in years and years of work into web development. I saw what worked. I put years and years into building automated tools that did little to nothing long term. If I had developed a site with tonnes of authority that would be a different story. I wasted other years in playing the social media game. As musicians say, “I paid my dues”.

Here’s what works.

Decent content on a trusted domain.

More so, decent content on a trusted domain on topics people search for and for phrases advertisers pay for.

Decent content, not stellar, not exceptional, not even good. Decent is all that is required. If you go above and beyond decent into good then all the better for you. Nothing much on Ehow is above decent and frankly a lot of it is rubbish.

Build a website, get people linking to it. It starts to rank. You start to earn money. That’s pretty easy isn’t it? Easier than having dozens of Web 2.0 properties all pointing in circles to your money site. Easier than generating dozens of pointless and mostly unwatched videos. You want money that way, spewing out content? Then join Demand Media and earn $15 an article or $200 for a video assignment of 10 videos.

If you’d rather my technique of building something for you, something that lasts beyond the next phase of Google’s ever evolving algorithm then read on. If you’d rather pay $97 for an ebook or access to a members only VIP club that will teach you the secrets to untold wealth. Well, move along, there’s nothing to see here.

The simplest way to monetise a website is AdSense. It’s plug and play for the most part. You probably already have an account. If not, go and get one first. Other advertising programs are available, but they generally don’t pay so well. is another if you can’t get into AdSense

Beyond AdSemse is affiliate marketing and selling links. Selling links will likely get your site burned in the long run unless you are good at it. Affiliate marketing takes more work and planning, after you have a couple of decent informational sites under your belt you should look to move up the value chain and get into affiliate marketing.

Part two of this post will detail a couple of methods to really generate $100 a day. It’s not quick and easy. It takes time, investment and bloody hard work.

10 thoughts on “Building a $100 a Day Automatic Income Generating Website

  1. Great post. Tell it like it is. I look forward to part 2.

    Just one comment on the process you outline. (I’ve broken out a couple of steps to aid my point.)

    1. “Build a website”
    “Decent content, not stellar, not exceptional, not even good. Decent is all that is required. If you go above and beyond decent into good then all the better for you.”

    2. “get people linking to it”

    Going above and beyond decent can really help with step 2 – getting people to link to it. In my experience, really linkable content can make link-building so much easier.

    Though I don’t mean to suggest that extremely high quality is necessarily best – there’s a balance to be struck and it partly depends on how you’re getting people to link to you. I don’t really buy the idea that great content attracts links of its own accord – you usually need to give it a push of some sort. Great content just tends to make the pushing easier.

  2. I agree with you 100% Bromley. With a few exceptional articles that are marketed heavily then the rest can almost be filler content which will rank on the coat tails of the links the exceptional articles earn.

  3. I think the game is changing so much and it’s going to force publishers to step it up a bit. I totally agree with a lot of the points made here. Everyone is so concerned with their Hub Pages, Ezines, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Perhaps if more of the focus was put towards the actual site rather than all of this external crap, everything else would naturally fall into place behind it. It’s not that you need to neglect external accounts all together but it’s probably a safer bet to put more energy into your actual site.

  4. You’re so right Sarah. Sometimes I see so much focus put on third party web 2.0 sites to keep the links from there followed, if that energy put into producing new relevant content and real marketing it would be far more beneficial. Both to those sites, and to the web in general.

  5. Excellent read here…
    You hit the nail right on the head. What’s going to get you there is Keyword rich content and SEO from the SERPS.
    As long as those pages are full of your own content and keywords!!!

  6. ” Why would they really make it easy for you to take the bread off their table? For $97, $77$ – no just $57 if you act now”

    They’d do that (assuming we give them the benefit of the doubt) because they see that the market is big enough for more than one person to play in it. It’s also usually good for relationship building.

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