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Google Results Bookmarklet

The following bookmarklet will display the google results for a term in a format that’s easier for copying.

Just drag the following link in the big green box to your bookmark bar and when you’ve completed a search in Google it will open a new window with the results listed with position, URL and anchor text (the page title normally).

Below that are two boxes so you can easily grab the URLs themselves or use the HTML to make a resources page.

This video should make its usage clear.

Simple Google Results

Here’s the code:

javascript:( function(){ str="<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>\n"; anchors=document.getElementsByTagName("a"); str+="<table>"; str+="<tr><th>#</th><th>HREF</th><th>Anchor</th></tr>\n"; var k=0; var listing=""; var links=""; for(i=0;i<anchors.length;i++){ var anchorText = anchors[i].textContent; var anchorLink = anchors[i].href; if(anchorLink.match(/^((?!google|cache|youtube\.com\/results|javascript:{}|javascript:void\(0\)|api\.technorati\.com|botw\.org\/search|del\.icio\.us\/url\/check|digg\.com\/search|search\.twitter\.com\/search|search\.yahoo\.com\/search|siteanalytics\.compete\.com|tools\.seobook\.com\/general\/keyword\/suggestions|web\.archive\.org\/web\/|whois\.domaintools\.com|www\.alexa\.com\/data\/details\/main|www\.bloglines\.com\/search|www\.majesticseo\.com\/search\.php|www\.semrush\.com\/info\/|www\.semrush\.com\/search\.php|www\.stumbleupon\.com\/url|\/wiki\/Special:Search).)*$/i)){ listing+=anchorLink+"\n"; links+="<a href=\""+anchorLink+"\">"+anchorText+"</a>\n"; k=k+1; if (anchorText === undefined) anchorText = anchors[i].innerText; str+="<tr>"; str+="<td>"+k+"</td>"; str+="<td><a href="+anchors[i].href+">"+anchors[i].href+"</a></td>"; str+="<td>"+anchorText+"</td>"; str+="</tr>\n"; } } str+="</table><br/> <br/><h2>Plain Listing</h2><textarea cols=80 rows=10>"; str+=listing; str+="</textarea><br/> <br/><h2>HTML Links</h2><textarea cols=80 rows=10>"; str+=links; str+="</textarea><br/> <br/><p align=center><a href=''>Bookmarklet by Liam Delahunty of Online Sales</a></p>"; with({ document.write(str); document.close(); } })()

"Google Results Bookmarklet" was published on December 9th, 2009 and is listed in Tools.

Comments on "Google Results Bookmarklet": 31 Comments

  1. Indigo Clothing wrote,

    Many thanks for this – a very nice little tool

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  3. immobilier wrote,

    What a nice voice you have :)
    Very interesting tool. Thanks a lot.

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  7. jaamit wrote,

    Hey this is a great idea – but I tend to get loads of “javascript:void(0)” in between results – about 55 results in total from 10 results! Any idea why this could be? Is it a plugin I’m using? (have tried it with greasmonkey switched off)


  8. jaamit wrote,

    After leaving the above comment I tried it in Chrome (should have done this first – sorry) and it works like a dream. I’ve got a lot of plugins in Firefox so tried one by one and see which caused it. Turns out it was the AVG SafeSearch plugin that gets automatically installed with AVG Anti Virus – you know, that rubbish green tick thing. Have promptly disabled it and the bookmarklet works perfectly!

  9. Online Sales wrote,

    Thanks for your comments Jaamit. I’ve now added the filter for javascript:void(0). Try the revised code and you should be able to use it and the AVG Safe Search add-on.

    Many thanks for having the patience to test that, I appreciate it.

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  12. James T. wrote,

    Nice tool! Great for tracking Conversations/Posts on particular keywords. We just cut and paste your results into our CMS and our users can easily scroll through the results looking for relevant topics to contribute on.


  13. Adam wrote,

    Very nice tool. Thank you for developing it.

  14. Author wrote,

    What a wonderful brilliant helpful tool.
    Many thanks for sharing!
    Is bookmarded!


  15. 10th Degree wrote,

    It looks like a great tool to track ur url’s and keywords. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us.

  16. Christoph C. Cemper wrote,

    This is one of the most useful bookmarklets ever made… been using my own or SEOquake for this stuff the last years,but SEOquake tends to be slower

  17. Rob wrote,

    Saved me a ton of work.
    Many Thanks for the bookmarklet :)

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  19. Ydeveloper wrote,

    Nice bookmarklet.

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  23. Phil Hershkowitz wrote,

    Thank you for the handy tool!

  24. pphaplu wrote,

    Great tool

  25. Steamy wrote,

    I love this tool is is so helpful in my line of work!!

    Many thanks indeed.

  26. joel wrote,

    Thanks for this tool. It makes exacting mining data from google so much easier. And in my business, I use this bookmarklet a lot. Well Done, Guys!

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  29. gareth wrote,

    fantastic tool and is ideal for the work i have to do!

  30. D.Manco wrote,

    I snagged your simple tool as an SEO tip from N. Patel. Thanks for making what we do smoother. Best!

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