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UPDATE 2016-06-16
I’ve developed a new version of the bookmarklet, which is now over here. The new version uses the Bootstrap theme for a contemporary look and feel. It also has a useful textarea box so you can quickly copy and paste the on-page seo elements into another document.

You’ll also get a preview of the site’s new theme!

Install the SEO bookmarklet tool following the instructions on that page – you just have to drag the big link there to your bookmarks toolbar.

To use it just click the bookmarklet when you are visiting a page.

  • It will open a new page with a “quick and simple” overview of the on page SEO.
  • An example of the Google SERPs and
  • An overview of the important content on your page.

This is the first in a few of SEO and bookmarklet tools, this version works entirely from javascript, your complete privacy is assured as no information is sent to our server other than the delivery from the server of the CSS & images to appropriately format the results and mimic a Google SERPs result.

Here you can see an example of what the page’s Google serps would be and following that a breakdown on several of the on page factors for SEO and conversion.

The SERPs Result

Consider the expected result from Google

  • Does the SERP grab the users attention?
  • Does it provide enough appropriate information about the landing page to encourage the user to click through?
  • Once they’ve clicked do you actually keep the promise made in the SERP and satisfy their need?

Use the tool to test various title and description options to tailor the result to best reflect your page to a potential visitor whilst still maintaining the appropriate keywords in the title for ranking benefits. The SERP should encourage clickthrough, whilst the landing page will be tailored to getting the necessary conversion.

On Page Elements

Look at the list of heading tags knowing that visitors often skim the text on the page and only see the headings:

  • Do they supply enough information to your prospective visitor?
  • Do they work independently of the body text?
  • Do the headings alone encourage them to take action?

Following the work on headlines do the same with any emboldened words, do they provide enough key information on the pages content for readers skimming through your page?

If you can, please take a few minutes to leave your comments or ideas on the SEO Bookmarklet below so we can continue to improve this tool.

Bookmarklet Example

4 thoughts on “SEO & SERPs Bookmarklet

  1. This is awesome. Thanks.
    More than just timesaving it actually means webmasters can do this so much more.
    Very educational.

    One small thing I spotted on below sentence, I’m sure taylor should be “tailor”

    Given that data it’s easy to taylor the page’s

  2. Hi Rob,

    Many thanks for commenting and spotting my error. It’s especially gratifying to learn that other people find the SERPs bookmarklet useful.

    Time and again I see pages that could do so much better with a few little adjustments of the title tag and the H1, add in a description that entices clicks from the search results and you’ve a head start on most small business.

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